• Aiming for excellence

    We are convinced that it is essential to work in the best possible way, from building the winery to the smallest detail, and we do it on a daily base in our job: we take care of our vineyards everyday, we listen to the signs nature is giving us, we harvest our grapes only by hand, so that we will be able to offer you a high quality wine.
  • Respecting nature\'s rhythm

    People working the land knows that you reap what you sow, literally, and how important it is to tend carefully to your grapes, bring them to a perfect maturation and then harvest them. Once this is done, the vineyards need a lot of attention and care, in order to be at their best for the next harvest. To create a high quality wine, like the one we are making, it is imperative to respect the natural rhythm and cycle of the seasons.
  • We love our land

    To create an excellent product, you need to know, and love deeply, your terroir, where the grapes grow and thrive. The Oltrepò Pavese area has been the cradle of traditional wine making for centuries, and within this region of north western Italy there is a lot of experience in cultivating and bringing out the best from the grapes. Our winery has its vineyards here, in this fruitful and luxuriant land where, thanks to our constant care, high quality grapes reach the perfect maturation, and are then transformed into great wines.
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