Rosso fuoco DOC (Linea Quarti)

Rosso fuoco DOC (Line Quarti)

Ruby-red sparkling wine, with crimson tinges and a delicate, intense bouquet recalling wild berries and cherries.
Soft, caressing and harmonious on the palate with a lingering taste.
Immediate and generous, t
o drink through the meal.
Ideal with cold cuts and cooked salamis as well as with typical Po-valley first courses.

12,0% vol.

Bottile, 75 cl

 Rosso Carlo DOC (Linea Quarti)

Rosso Carlo DOC (Line Quarti)

Ruby-red wine, intense and young, with an elegant, warm bouquet and a dry taste over a slightly bitter backdrop.
Ideal with red meats and wild game.

12,00% vol.

Bottle, 75 cl

Bonarda DOC (Linea Classici)

Bonarda DOC (Line Classici)

Ruby-red sparkling wine with an etherial, intense and pleasantly typical bouquet.
Firm, dry, assertive and lingering taste.
Ideal, thanks to its elegant harmony, with cold cuts, italian-meat-sauce first courses and braised or stewed meats.

11,5% vol.

Bottle, 75 cl

Barbera frizzante DOC (Linea Classici)

Barbera frizzante DOC (Line Classici)

Ruby-red wine with a vinous and typical bouquet, on the palate tastes dry, savoury and lightly tannic.
As a sparkling wine, ideal with barbecued or boiled meats.

11,5% vol.

Bottile, 75 cl

Barbera IGT (Linea Classici)


Barbera DOC (Line Classici)

Ruby-red still wine, with a deep colour, a lingering and vinous bouquet and an assertive and sapid taste.
Recommended for roasted or braised meats and wild game.


Bottle, 75 cl

   Over time, barriqued wines will be available.